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Published: Friday, 17 May 2019 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon

 Are you in search of the inspiration, confidence, and knowledge needed to impact your world and attain an enviable height in life? Did you know the majority of people leave this world without realizing a little bit of their highest potential?

Yes, most people live out an animal sort of existence; they eat, sleep, make love, apply themselves to the routine necessities of life, day in day out and then pass on. Oh my God, what a wasted life!

You and I know Nelson Mandela because he stood up against oppression, suppression, and repression and made his voice heard. You and I know William Shakespeare because his plays have retained an enduring appeal throughout history.

You and I know Thomas Edison because he invented many wonderful things you and I are enjoying today. Mother Teresa we all know because against all odds she became a loud voice.


But I do not know your grandpa; and I know you don’t know mine maybe it is because they spent their lives apportioning blames, casting aspersions on life, wishing, hoping against hope or looking at the ladies backside; don’t mind me.

The worse thing to happen to a person is not to die but pass through this world unnoticed. Don’t live your life in such a way that when you die people will ask whether you even existed because you never truly lived.

Remember, i the end, it is not the years in your life that count. It‘s the life in your years. The day is still fresh; your thinking machine [brain] is still very much intact; the active force [ability to cause change] inherent in your innermost self is still there.

Your imagination still possesses the power to create. In fact, you are still very much in possession of the tools needed to bring about change and make a difference what are you waiting for?

You must make haste why the sun is still shining. You have complained enough, you have clapped for winners enough. Enough of the parties, I wonder what you are celebrating anyway.


Now is the time to carve your name into history, now is the time to do that which will introduce you to the people walking on the face of the earth a thousand years from now.

The works of the Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle still influences our lives till date. The music of Beethoven and Mozart still inspires and moves our soul to dance. The works of Napoleon Hill still motivates us.

The inventions of Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and co are still making our lives convenient today. Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton theories are still helping us to understand how the world works.

Just like these great men, you too must show the world the stuff you are made of, you must let the world know that despite your father is not or was not an emperor you can own an empire. You must let them know you know your purpose of being here.


Yes, these men of outstanding accomplishments have passed on to the great beyond; but we are still feeling their impact; we are still calling their names as if they are here with us. So long as their works continue to impact our lives they can never die, they live on.

Don’t be content to live out the animal sort of existence; life is worth more than food and sex, be a contributor to the workings of the world! Carve a path for the generation yet unborn to follow.

This is why you are here my friend. Nothing can erase this fact; not your conviction, not even your ignorance From this moment stop wasting your time on thinking of how to date every pretty girl you see on the way or thinking of how to date every handsome and rich guy you see.

Remember, in the end, history does not record how many parties we attended or how many partners we had but our exploits.


They were able to do it not because they dated all the fine girls or handsome boys in town but because they told themselves just this one word, “I want to make a difference,” and mean it with the whole of their heart.

If only you will look at your reflection in the mirror and tell yourself this same statement and mean it with the whole of your being, only God can stop you. You cannot lie to your doctor and expect to get well.

Things are not well with you because you lie to yourself all the time. Who told you, you can’t do it. If the little black girl [Oprah Winfrey] who once wore a potato sack and lived in her grandmother’s farm in rural Mississippi in abject poverty can do it, why can’t you do it better?

If the boy who hails all the way from Africa called Barack Obama can do it, tell me why you can’t do it, sir.

Stop looking at where you are coming from and focus on where you are going. Understand that where you are coming from does not possess the power to stop you. Your background and skin color cannot stop you without your permission.

Your problem is that you think less of yourself, don’t want to start where you are, don’t want to use what you have at hand to get started or start small. You are afraid you are going to fail.


The truth is even if you fail so long as you refuse to give up you are not defeated. Let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with starting small. Understand that the world is made up of tiny matters.

According to an ancient Chinese proverb, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” If you start, of course, you will encounter obstacles on the way, but remember; obstacles call out great qualities and make greatness possible.

You will make mistakes; hear what Thomas Edison said, “Don’t call it a mistake. Call it an education.” Oh yes, I know you have encountered multiple failures; who told you Abraham Lincoln encountered less.

Lincoln became one of the greatest presidents of the United States because he told himself, “I want to make a difference.” Everything you ever need name it, cars, mansions, private jets, yachts will come to you easily if you say this word to yourself and mean it with the whole of your being.

Remember; as you say it don’t forget to increase the size of your dream. You know what? Your dream has to be big enough to inspire you.


The Real Problem

The problem is the people who make you think you can’t do it. They don’t believe in their ability to become something and don’t see any reason why you should believe you can become anything.

Their perceptions of themselves and you have inadvertently tied down your takeoff zeal. Who are these people you may ask?

They are your friends, relatives, and colleagues who you hear complaining about how awful the economy is, how badly they are treated in the world, and how terrible they feel. Understand that these people deserve your love.

But you must avoid them at all cost because day in day out they infuse negative energy into your spirit. They make you think in a way that put you in opposition to progress.

You don’t see how big you are because you are seeing yourself from the distance they see you. With these people all around you, sorry, “You ain’t going nowhere son.”


Did you know that there is a way you must talk, think and conduct yourself before you can attain an enviable height and make a difference in the world? Did you know you have a divine power within you designed to turn you into a billionaire and a world changer overnight?

Are you ready to unleash the subliminal power that resides in your innermost self [the core of your nature], live a better version of yourself and be a contributor to the workings of the world?

If yes, I want to introduce to you an audiobook that will automatically change your outlook towards life and help you build a mind of success faster than you can ever dream of.

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I guarantee that the world will be on your feet if you put into practice the message it contains.

Thanks for giving me your time. I wish you a resounding success in your pursuits.

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