Why You Are Unable to do The Things That Will Align You With The Vibration of Success

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Today, I want to show you why money is still out of your reach despite putting in as many efforts like everyone else. I want to open up your understanding to the things that undermines your ability and set a boundary on you.

In fact, after you finish reading this post, you will know why you are unable to do the things that will align you with the vibration of success; and you will know what to do to effect a change in your finances and every area of your life.

Yes, you must stop blaming anything and everything for your setbacks and defeat. There are reasons why you are not rich; reasons why despite all your efforts, the huge gulf between you and success remain.

Understand that it is impossible to attain an enviable height or accumulate riches of any magnitude with a spirit that is at its natural state [lowest ebb]. Because it limits you from giving or doing things, success requires to manifesting in your life.

It prevents you from doing the things listed below:

1. Bending all your thoughts on a goal

2. Unclenching your fist

3. Standing on a resolve

4. Viewing things from a different perspective

5. Staying with a problem long enough

6. Taking possession of that which you seek from within

7. Daring mightily

Many go through life as failures because no matter how hard they try, they can’t do the things listed above. You can’t attempt great things not because you don’t bear a charmed life but because you don’t see the possibility in the impossibility.

You are easily burdened down by adversities not because you are too fat or too slim but because the size of the fight in you is small. You don’t see opportunities not because you are blind or dumb, but because you follow the crowd blindly.

This is one of the reasons; you must read books on the subject of self-development. In fact, the only way to develop yourself and effect a change in your finances and every area in which you desire a change is to invest yourself in personal development.

I highly recommend this book for you; use it to develop yourself and achieve your goals! It is important to understand that conquering is a special treaty for heroes! Only heroes are license by Mother Nature to conquer hindrances and every form of monster.

You must have a hero’s spirit before you can amass a great fortune, attain the height envisaged or change the world. Without this dynamic ability to effect a change, you will only be putting yourself through stress.

The most resented infamous monster ever known to man poverty, keep invading people’s homes and making their lives miserable because they made themselves vulnerable. Yes, you have made yourself vulnerable to poverty when your spirit is at its natural state [lowest ebb].

Don’t expect to get rich while pursuing money with a spirit that breaks easily. Only those with a hero’s spirit are immune to poverty and licensed to succeed because they have conquered themselves.

In order to possess this spirit, that raises men from rag to riches, grass to grace, anonymity to legendary heights, you must first work on your innermost self [the core of your being].

Because only when the innermost self is stimulated, that it acquires all the prerequisites needed to energize the spirit.

You might not know how to transact business like Warren Buffet, throw punches like Floyd Mayweather, play football like Cristiano Ronaldo or sing like Celine Dionne but so long as you stimulate your spirit and remember to set a goal, you can equal their achievements in almost any calling for which you are suited.

When your spirit is energized something happens to your psyche to bring about change. In fact:

.  When you talk, people listen

.   Wherever you go, people follow

.   You don’t give up because you can’t do it

.   A lion can’t scare you because you have become one

.  Even when the whole world says it can’t be done, you see yourself attempting it because you now have the I-can-do mentality

. When a king talks to you, you talk back with authority. Because in the world of your mind you too have become a King

. You keep pushing on when everyone has since given up

.  No one pushes you around because you know your worth

. When you follow a dream, you follow it with smile and passion no matter the odds

. You no longer breaks nature’s law, because obedience has become your habit

It was because men of outstanding accomplishments such as Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and George Washington worked on their innermost self; that they became in possession of the spirit that they used successfully to awaken the spirit of their compatriots and helped to create a climate for change in their lifetime.

Remember, it was this same spirit, Barrack Obama used to become the first black United States president. Alexander the Great used to conquer the ancient world. Neil Armstrong used to step foot on the moon.

Edmund Hillary used to climb Mt. Everest. The Wright brothers used to invent the flying machine. Michael Jackson used to redefine the music industry.

The bitter truth is it is impossible to possess this dynamic ability to effect a change when your mind is not developed. Don’t be cowed, there are no angels or demons anywhere that make people rich.

The only reason the word “luck” was coined is to prevent lazy men from committing suicide; it is a false hope for them. Success and failure are a state of mind.

Your spirit is the only force, that can influence you to act upon the thought of riches. It is the only power that can make you rich.

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