Category: HEALTH Published: Friday, 18 January 2019 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon


The Okinawans, who inhabit remote Japanese islands, are said to have the highest percentage of people living beyond hundred. This shows that even though we cannot stop the clock, some of us who knows the rule can delay it.

If you wish to see how your grand and great-grandchildren look like then you are on the right site. Listed below are 10 tips that can help you live a healthier and a longer life Read more


Great minds of all ages admonished us to be ourselves because everyone else is taken. The fact is we try to adhere to this advice! But sometimes when we come across someone with an extremely soft, smooth and beautiful skin; we can’t help wishing to be like that person.

Beauty opens door, beauty is power! If you wish to have that extremely soft, smooth and youthful skin that will make everyone wishing to be like you, here are 5 natural way to have a soft, smooth, beautiful and youthful skin Read more


If you think experts were joking when they said tobacco use can cut short your life faster than a bullet kills then hear this. Tobacco causes six million deaths per year. In the United States, 54 people die every hour due to tobacco use.

That translates to approximately 480, 000 deaths annually. The constant use of tobacco can cause life-threatening disease like heart attack, chronic bronchitis, stroke, several cancers such as lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and so forth.

In fact, there are plenty of reasons to quit smoking. Do you know the constant use of tobacco tells on your skin and alters Read more



As humans, it is normal to feel sad in response to the unpleasant events that occur in our lives. But when that sadness becomes intense or unexplained then it is time to scream out for help.

Depression is a mental disorder that alters our mood and compels us to feel sad and lose interest in activities we find pleasurable. When long- lasting and with moderate and severe intensity depression may become a serious health condition leading, at its worst, to suicide. Read





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