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Category: SUCCESS Published: Friday, 01 February 2019 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon

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Would you like to make a million dollars in a year from now? If your answer is “yes,” as I am sure it is, then do this one thing. Simply raise the money in your mind account to a million dollar. You know what; I have just unveiled one of the greatest money-making secrets to you.

Do you know that if a king disguises himself as a madman and mounts a podium the first word that comes out of his mouth is enough to make men and women of means and education trample on one another in order to take a seat at the front row?

Yes, they will pay him attention because his words most reveal who he is. In fact, before long, you will see everyone bowing in courtesy. Here is the truth: What you are reveals the moment you open your mouth.

That is why the most circulated book in human history the holy bible stated, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” When you see a tree that could be used to carve a canoe, you will know at once.

There is no rag in the world that can successfully conceal the identity of a king because the word of a king is also a king. That is why a true Leader is not difficult to identify.

No matter how many diamond stones used to design the clothes some people put on, the moment they mount the podium and open their mouths to speak, you will see everyone dozing in their sit. Even if you are paid to listen, you still can’t help but sleep a little.

What does this mean? This means that success begins from within a person! If the word that comes out of your mouth is worth nothing to people, know that the distance between you and success is still millions of light years away because this shows that you are worth nothing in your mind account.

Remember, your thought becomes your word; your word becomes your action, your action becomes your reality. Can’t you see that success begins from within a person? What exactly am I trying to say?

What I am trying to say is that it is exceedingly improbable to have a millionaire dollars in your bank account when you don’t have it in your mind account unless you broke into a bank.

What counts more in life is who you are in the inside not what you have in the outside. One of the reasons fraudsters and thieves easily run out of their ill-gotten money is that they are as poor as a beggar in the world of their mind.

An individual that gets rich by gambling or through hereditary is not qualified to bear the title “rich man or woman” Why? You may want to ask. Simply because a problem can come at any time to compel him or her to withdraw and squander the money in his or her bank account.

But nothing in the world can temper with the money in our minds account. Robert G Allen explains it this way, “The wealthy person cannot lose his wealth. His wealth is infinitely portable. For it resides in his head. There lies his only security.”

It is what you are in the inside that reflects the outside. Even if you are gifted with a million dollars, if you are worth nothing in the world of your mind before long you will find yourself begging for money.

Helen Keller knew this that was why she said, “What I am looking for is not out there, it is within Me.” Yes, before you talk of getting rich you must first work on your mind so that it produces thoughts worth millions of dollars.

5 Things to do to enrich your mind

1. Change your outlook

To do this you must move away from the crowd because the position the people views the world from does not reflect its true image. There say it cannot be done because it appears impossible from that very angle.

Remember a lie repeatedly told appears like a fact. The picture painted on your mind is the pebble in your shoes weighing you down. Simply put, it is that which chains down your takeoff zeal. It is worth nothing that is why you have nothing.

If you move away from the crowd, you will have a better view of the world. In short, you will see the better part of it and grow rich and healthy thoughts that can translate into an awesome reality for you.

2. Read books on the subject of success

One of the ways in which to enrich your mind is to stir up thoughts of possibilities on it by constantly reading “self-development books" on the subject of success. By so doing, you are bringing a vital success ingredient into your character.

The Greek philosopher Epictetus stated: “Books are the training weights of the mind.” Research finds that 85% of rich people read two or more education, career-related, or self-improvement books per month and it works greatly for them.

A good book possesses the ability to broaden your mind and stir up thoughts of possibilities on it. Remember, ideas are nothing but thoughts. Of course, you and I know that idea rules the world.

3. Hang out with progressive minds

One of the reasons you have not attain an enviable height is that you don’t attempt great things. It has become almost impossible for you to have high desires let alone attempt great things because you surround yourself with people who believe God must come before something works.

These people create doubts in your mind. Remember, self-distrust is the number cause of failure. In order to build a rich and healthy mind, you must do away with these kinds of people. In short, associate with people who think in a progressive way.

They will remove your doubts, ignite your spirit and of course, you will see further.

4. Scan your beliefs

It is impossible to attract to the mind the kind of thoughts that translate to a wonderful reality when we hold an infectious belief. Most of the things we are told carry a virus that is why it is important for us to scan our beliefs every time.

Remember, everyone is the expression of what he or she believes. Therefore, you must scan thoroughly your beliefs and delete the ones that are not in alignment with success.

In sum, you must try as much as possible to enrich your mind with healthy thoughts because that is where it all begins.

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