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Category: INSPIRING .STORIES Published: Friday, 01 February 2019 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon

Inspiring Story


Many years ago, a man named Luscious Marcus was accused wrongly of treason tried and sentenced to death. He was overwhelmed by despair and before long, became a shadow of himself.

Renown Italian writer Machiavelli the Don cannot be more right when he said, “To anticipate death is worse than death itself." The night before he was to be executed, he burst into tears and would not be consoled.

An old prison guard was touched and decided to placate him by replacing his despair with hope, and his frustration with self-assurance. “Why are you crying,” the old guard asked.

He responded with look of incredulity. In short, he doubted the guard’s sanity. The prison guard smiled and repeated the question. By this time there was an unfriendly look on his face.

“You can’t be serious,” he yelled. “Even the dumbest imbecile in this prison yard knows that by this time tomorrow I am a dead man.“Is that why you are crying,” asked the prison guard amid laughter. “So you really believe you are going to die tomorrow hmmm.”

Luscious Marcus cast a puzzled stare at him; he could not believe his ears. He wondered like mad what he meant and pressed for an explanation.

After studying him for a while the prison guard said calmly, “Yes, it is true the king have set aside tomorrow for your execution, true they are going to place a rope on your neck in front of a massive crowd.

It is also true, a priest would be asked to pray for your soul, but it is not true you will die tomorrow.” Luscious Marcus was about to say something when he continued.

“You see, the king council of elders [ministers] has concluded plans to dethrone the king and hang him. In fact, I overheard them saying they will free you and make you the commander of the new king’s army.

That is if in the face of death you put up an attitude that is in alignment with that position.I am not supposed to be telling you this.”

Luscious Marcus shoots the guard a suspicious look and said, “Tell me you are joking.” “I have never spoken words I meant more,” replied the old prison guard as he trained his eyes on Luscious Marcus.

This knowledge rekindled his spirit, gave him hope, germinated into a belief, ripened into a conviction then reflected in his actions. Despite he was still in chains, he began to talk and acts like a free man.

His cellmates could not help but questioned his sanity after he boasted he was going to build a big company and put them to his service, as soon as they were released from jail.

How do you see yourself? Did you know that how you see yourself in good times or tough times to a high degree determines your future? Did you know both your perception and interpretations of natural phenomena dictate your life?

The fact that you are disadvantaged by some unpleasant facts of life doesn’t mean your own is finished. In fact, your disadvantaged background doesn’t give you the right to think yourself into smallness, doesn’t stop you from dreaming and fulfilling your destiny.

American minister and author of the classic, The Power of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Peale once wrote, “Empty pockets never held anyone back.”

Your success and greatness aren’t determined by your geographical location, the nation where you live or the economy in which you function but by that which you hold deep within.

If nothing is wrong with it, it is impossible for your life to be ugly. Remember, circumstances can only dictates the essence of your being with your permission.

Your environment can only set a boundary on you if you decide to allow what it is telling you to germinate into a conviction. There is a solution to every problem in life.

That is why the word “impossible” itself says, “I’m possible.” Luscious Marcus life was shadowed with great misery not because of what was happening to him, but because he allowed it to dictate his mood.

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”–Maya Angelou.

You are poor not because you don’t bear a charmed life but because you decide to allow what your disadvantaged background, little education and the environment in which you function are telling you to govern your life.

Not until you shut your ears and remove your mind from that which they show, nothing in the whole of the universe can help you to be rich. In fact, even Heaven can do little or nothing to save you from the claws of poverty.

Who told you, you can’t! Have you tried? You have no right to brand yourself a failure because you have not tried enough to see what you can do. Nelson Mandela was once locked behind the bar and told he will never see the sunlight ever again.

He looked at the powerful government, hissed and said “nonsense.” You know what, he did not only see the sunlight again, but became the light of his nation. Belief is a key, it can open any door.

Even in the face of death Luscious Marcus was able to smile and dance, set goals and draft out plans, designed strategies and do all the things free men do because a Wiseman used the most powerful thing in the world [belief] to put him in opposition to the understanding that shadowed his life with great misery.

His outlook towards life changed automatically for the better, because his belief which was in chains became free and beautiful. That is why one of the richest men in the world Warren Buffet advises us,

“'It's better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you'll drift in that direction.”

I want you to understand that, you can only be poor when your beliefs are poor. Prayer can do little or nothing for you if your beliefs are not in alignment with the vibration of that which you asked for.

It is important to understand that your prayers can only be answered when you first become an answer.

If things are not working for you despite prayer harder than the pop and putting in as much efforts as everyone else, know that something stands between you and success. First, check that which you hold within.

“It isn’t the mountain ahead to climb that wear you out, it is the pebble in your shoes.”-The great boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

If you can change your friends and the places you go to this year, the thought pattern that governs your life will change automatically. This means that, you will experience unprecedented success within a short time.

While his cellmates were busy questioning his health, Luscious Marcus was aligning himself with the vibration of freedom by believing he was a freeman. Man is like a magnet, he attracts that which he feels, thinks, speaks and imagine.

When the human mind ardently embraced the idea of change it acquires the capacity to bring it about. There is no other way a prayer works than to believe you have already received that which you asked for.

According to a Wiseman, Ninety nine percent of selling is conviction, and ten percent is persuasion.”

“What is keeping you from being rich in most cases it’s simply a lack of belief. In order to become rich, you must believe you can do it, and you must take the action necessary to achieve your goal.”-Suze Orman.

The follow day everyone gathered at the hall. The king came in last with a large retinue and palace functionaries. As he strode to take his sit, everyone bowed their head in courtesy.

Shortly after he took his sit, three huge prison guards marched Luscious Marco in chains to the gulag and placed a rope on his neck. Then a priest with a mighty bible in one hand edged towards him.

When Luscious saw a priest advancing towards him, Continue....



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