Overcoming Procrastination to Achieving Your Dream

Category: SUCCESS Published: Thursday, 17 January 2019 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon

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On May 5, 1961, the freedom 7 spacecraft blasted off from Florida, U.S. A. and American astronaut Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr. became the first American and the second person to travel to space.

Even the dumbest imbecile in the most remote village on earth knows that to travel to space and come back to earth is no small feat. Alan Shepard was celebrated greatly until his life span ran out in death, but not like the first man to orbit the earth, Yuri Gagarin.

Alan Sheppard would have become the first human in space because he prepared just as the young Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. He conquered one of the things [fear] know to set limits on people just as Gagarin conquered it.

The spacecraft to take him there was ready; In fact, everything was ready but the same enemy [procrastination] that stops you to become that which you want to be in life, stopped him from becoming the first human in space.

Dear esteemed reader, I envy you because you have a great talent. I admire you greatly because you don’t have to pay a dime before you can have high desires and dream big dreams.

I consider you lucky because you are endowed with the reservoirs of abilities and geniuses. Why do you prefer to hope and wish? Why are you quick to draft out plans but slow to execute them? You have what it takes to make a difference what are you waiting for?

Long ago, you said that you wanted to become a movie star, how many auditions have you attended. You said you wanted to become a music star, since you had this in mind, how many songs have you recorded and how many record labels have you visited?

Last year you said you wanted to lose weight but it appears you have gained more weight, what are you doing to achieve your weight loss goal!

Many people, who started up a business venture since you had in mind to become an entrepreneur are now successful entrepreneurs why are you still complaining about the lack of money.

In short, how many business seminars have you attended and how many books and articles have you read on the subject of starting up a successful business venture.

Another year has come! Remember, it is madness to expect this year to be a great year for you when you keep acting the same way. This year will only be a great year for you if stop to look at the scorching sun or thunderstorm and make a move!

What stops you from pursuing your dream please can I know what you are afraid of? Begin today don’t be scared of anything, the worst that can happen to you is to fail and even if that happens so long as you don’t quit you are not defeated.

In fact, it has been proven over and over again that the lesson we learn from defeat can help us go beyond the limit we set for ourselves. The other day I overheard someone telling his friend to wait for his turn; I hope that is not what you are waiting for?

If success is by turn, do you think you will ever be rich? In case you don’t know they are more than seven billion people on earth presently. And if you think waiting is going to make the hill you intend to climb smaller, or shorten the journey you plan to embark on sorry, you can’t be more wrong.

Also, remember someday is not a day of the week. Nothing Can Stop You Only You Can do that As of December 5, 1960, the day fixed for Shepard trip to space, no human had visited space or orbited the earth.

This would have been the greatest opportunity for him to become the first human in space. Unfortunately, his trip was postponed to mid-January 1961; then again to March 6, 1961. As if that was not enough, it was postponed again to April 25, 1961; then to May 2, 1961, and finally May 5, 1961.

Meanwhile, on April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first person in space and the first to orbit the earth. Until Alan Shepard death on July 21, 1998, he regretted this greatly.

If he had taken action by protesting the unnecessary shift in date, of course, he would have become the first human in space. Any wonder a Wiseman said, “Delay always injures those that are prepared.”Remember, the saddest word to say is,“I wish I had known.”

Many people didn’t know that tomorrow is not another day but today. Those who wait for tomorrow to come, to sow their seed will have to wait forever because tomorrow is today.

Emulate the Eagle

The eagle does not wait for a favorable wind before it takes off to the sky because it knows it might never come. That is why it is always up there in the sky soaring.

Those you see succeeding are people who don’t wait for anyone or anything before they pursue their dreams in life.

The greatest favor you can do for yourself is to ignore the hour, height and storm and get on that track, spread your wings and soar. This is the greatest secret behind the eagle’s success.

In the words of a great inventor Benjamin Franklin, “You may delay but time will not.” Time waits for no one, in fact, it is nobody‘s friend.

If you want to sow a seed, today is the right time. Don’t be cowed; don’t let the spelling confuse you; today is the tomorrow you are waiting for.

One of the differences between those who succeed and those who don’t is that the former sees tomorrow as their today, why the later thinks tomorrow really comes and waits foolishly for it.

What to do If you have a cushion in your house that is making it hard for you to get up and pursue your dream, my advice for you is to set it on fire or donate it to someone. If your TV set is what is holding you back take it away from your sight.

If your friends are responsible for this shift in date, then your number one resolution this New Year should be, running away from them. In fact, learn how to choose the right friend.

If it is your relationship that prevents you from showing the world, what you can do there is no better time but now to walk out of that relationship. Remember, history does not record how many times we kiss or make love to our partner but our impact.

Thomas Edison is remembered for the incandescent electric bulb and other great inventions he introduced to the world and not for the number of wine he drank during his lifetime. Move away from your comfort zone to make things happen.

I highly recommend the book below for you, use it to conquer procrastination forever and achieve your dream.




I wish you a resounding success in your pursuits.


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5 secrets to become a millionaire within a short time

Category: SUCCESS Published: Sunday, 28 October 2018 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon

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To attract riches, you must be governed by one passion-to hate everything poor people do this is to say, riches likes must be your likes and its dislikes you must treat with disdain.

A person that entertains riches enemies on his mind is without question, riches enemy. Understand that you are a riches enemy number one when your mind is one that entertains doubts, worries, and fears.

These attributes prevent us from saving thoughts of triumph on our mind. If you entertain them, it will take more than a miracle for you to become rich.

The reason is that no matter how hard you try, you can never save thoughts worth a millionaire dollar on your mind account and make it visible in your bank account.

Do you want to know why? I will tell you. Mr. Doubt is allergic to positive thoughts; in fact, it cannot stand them. So long as you entertain it, it will crush any positive thought entering your mind.

On the other hand, fear is there to make sure you don’t carry out the plans that will make the money you saved on your mind account, visible in your bank account.

Mr. Worry on its part will so distract you that you won’t remember to draft out plans and design strategies to achieve your dream. These negative attributes are enemies of progress they invite to the mind thoughts that attract poverty and ostracize thoughts that spell success.

A huge wall must stand between you and these little demons before riches can come your way in abundance. This is the reason why you must begin to clear of thorns and debris’s on your mind by investing in personal-development.

Success does not begin when you learn to save money as many people believe but begins with a state of mind. The man who revolutionized the automobile industry Henry Ford unveiled his success secret when he said,

“I think that much of the advice given to young men about saving money is wrong. I never saved a cent until I was forty years old. I invested in myself-in studying, in mastering my tools.”

In fact, there is someone I know who is in the habit of running to the bank to save any money that enters into his pocket sadly, the last time I saw him he was still broke as a church rat.

Despite the fact that he had grown thin for starving himself to save money, he was still wallowing in poverty. This kind of saving should not be encouraged. To me, this is another way to commit suicide.

Yes, it is good to save money, but don’t starve yourself to save. Life is too short! Don’t deprive yourself of little things such as good food and nice clothes all because you want to get rich.

Use the little you have to take good care of yourself! When you dream big, draft out plans and move into action you will have a lot to save and enjoy. To quote the word of a Wiseman, “A simple fact that is hard to learn is that the time to save money is when you have some.”

Before you think of dreaming big and all that, remember that dreams don’t germinate in a negative mind. Can you see why there is no alternative to clearing off from your mind thorns and debris?

The type of money that changes one’s life forever his stored in the subconscious mind this is one thing successful people know so well. It is one secret they know that you don’t. In fact, it is one fact that has changed their fortune forever.

They are so addicted to this truth that they don’t fail in piling up millions and millions on their mind each day that passes. And don’t hesitate in putting their plans into action to make the money visible. I know you want to try this.

I forgot to tell you, if you don’t clear from your mind thorns and debris such as doubt, fear, indecision and worry you cannot, I repeat, cannot save thoughts worth a million dollar on it. This means that you can never become rich.

And if the thoughts on your mind account don’t worth a million dollar, there is no way you can become a millionaire unless you want to rob a bank.

Remember, the television, telephone, airplane, internet, and every form of convenience that makes life more pleasant today was first a thought. It all starts in the mind that which does not exist inside of us cannot come to existence.

Your bank account is a snapshot of your mind account. Because of this obvious fact, the mind becomes more important in its role as the medium in which success is attained.

Understand that the most important capital you require to set up a business is not money but your mind. Your mind like the eagle with its mighty wings is capable of soaring to a great height.

If you start to recognize it as a bank and begin to save thoughts worth millions of dollars on it, nothing in the whole of the universe can stop you from getting rich. In fact, the blue sky will have no choice but to set aside the world for you.


The money you save in your house or bank does not guarantee financial independence because a problem can come at anytime, compel you to withdraw and squander it.

However, the one saves on your mind account can never be stolen or tampered with by any situation or person. that is why Robert G Allen said, “The wealthy person cannot lose his wealth. His wealth is infinitely portable for it resides in his head-there lies his only security.”

After clearing of the thorns and debris on my mind, how do I save money on it? A very good question I must say. By locking yourself up in your room to think, think and think. Remember, thought are things.

The thought is money. Ideas are nothing but thoughts. Of course, you and I know that ideas rule the world. Here is the truth; a single thought that flashed through your head could be worth four hundred thousand dollars. And another, six hundred thousand dollars.

If you can grab them, you have saved a million dollar on your mind account. How does that translate to money? To make the money visible in your bank account, all you need do is dwelling on the thoughts.

If you can dwell on them long enough, they will compel you to action and before you know it, they become a fact and you are a millionaire.

Are you ready to clear of the debris and thorns on your mind in order to save a million dollar thought on it? If your answer is “Yes,” then let get these little demons out of your mind:

1. Feed yourself with empowering stories

One of the easiest and fastest ways to clear from your mind the thorns called fears is to stir yourself up with empowering stories of men and women who made a difference by daring mightily.

2. Keep away from low minds

If you surround yourself with people who believe God must come before something works, you will need more than a miracle to save a million dollar thoughts on your mind account.

To build a mind of possibility, you must avoid this kind of people at all cost. The antidote to self-distrust is good company. Hear Mark Twain, “Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitious small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great.

3. Pretend you are a millionaire

This is the only time you should lie to yourself. Say it loud and clear to yourself every day, “I am rich”. Say it even if you don’t know where your next meal is coming from. As I mentioned earlier, doubt can’t stand a positive vibration.

That is why you must keep declaring yourself a winner in order to chase it out of your consciousness. If you say words of triumph to yourself first thing in the morning and mean it with the whole of your being, you have succeeded in clearing from your mind cobweb of doubts that day.

When the cobweb of self-distrust is not on the mind, it is easy to grab any idea that flashes through it. Of course, you and I know that idea is money in disguise.

4. Look good

One simple way to boost yourself-confidence is to look good. Hence the statement, “Looking good is good business.” If you are in the habit of wearing cheap clothes all the time, you can never have a sophisticated view of yourself. Simply put, it will be difficult for you to think highly of yourself. Remember, you must think highly of yourself before you can be optimistic and cultivate a million dollar thought. The whole truth is no negative attributes can withstand a proud heart.

5. Change your habits

This encompasses all. In fact, it is the panacea to saving on the mind account rich thoughts. Remember, it is difficult if not impossible for a person that keeps too many friends to sit down to think, impossible to read a book and empower yourself when you are always in the disco hall.

There is no way you can say to yourself every morning, “I am rich” and believe it, when you are always in the mists of those who believe that God must come down before something works.

Therefore, you must be willing to change unhealthy habits if you wish to clear off from the mind thorns and debris that make success impossible.