Why your pocket is empty

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Why Your Pocket Is Empty

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Because of the importance of money, the majority of people wish, hope and pray to have it. Despite hoping against hope and praying more than the pope, money remain in the eyes of many but in the pockets of few. A number of reasons could be adduced for this. In fact, there is a reason why money is making no plans to relocate from your eyes to your hands. There is a reason the word poverty was able to take a space in the dictionary.

Yes, I know you have laid hands on so many things. I understand why you get so piece off sometimes that you feel like punching someone on the face. Of course, I know how it feels to wake up with hope every morning but end up disappointed. I know what is like to be overrun by those who just yesterday were behind you. Nevertheless, you must stop to blame anything and everything for you failures and setbacks. If you must play the blame game, then blame the person responsible for your financial crisis which of course is you. Oh yes, you should blame you, because you and only you inadvertently constructed the gigantic wall that stands between you and financial success. Not until you come to this realization, it would be virtually impossible for you to loosen yourself from the grip of lack and want.

That reminds me, you said you have set goals, designed strategies and all that congratulations! You have taken the first step towards success. Simply put, you have really done well for yourself. Then why is money still out of my reach? I understand your curiosity I will tell you! But before I do that, you must first answer my simple question. HAVE YOU DECIDED TO MAKE MONEY? Don’t answer in a hurry because if you do, you will definitely give me the wrong answer. A wrong answer to this question means that you will keep falling in the same hole and getting broke like a church rat. Ponder and ponder over it because your sincere answer to this question, will help you in no small measure to know your next course of action.

Mass poverty is prevalent among the majority of people today because of their inability to answer this simple question. It should be understood that not until you decide to have money, you can never get rich. My friend, you have not experienced unprecedented growth and success in life not because you don’t bear a charmed life or cut out for great things but because you have not decided to make money. When you see a wood that could be used to carve a canoe you will know at once. You still believe a god that favors people with wealth exist, because you have not decided to make money. You still have the time to moan and groan about your government policies, because you have not decided to make money. You are still hoping, wishing and waiting for luck to make you rich because you have not decided to make money. In fact, you are still struggling because you have not decided to make money.

When you make up your mind to succeed, you will be so busy pursuing your dream that you won’t have the time to complain. If you decide to make a woman yours, when chatting her up you don’t struggle with words they come out. It doesn’t matter whether you are well-read or not, you become a poet at that moment. The power of decision will blind your eyes to all opposition. A Wiseman has rightly said, “Decision is a sharp knife that cuts clean and straight.” When it became apparent that he could not marry Wallis Simpson an American divorce and remain on the British throne, King Edward III took a stand and abdicated. Simply stated, he left the throne for his younger brother George VI [Queen Elizabeth’s father] to marry the woman he loved.

It is important you understand that more than anything else, passion created the indomitable will he used to turn his back on one of the world’s greatest throne in favor of a woman. In other words, passion helped him to reach that famous decision. To succeed in anything you do, you must know which decision to take. In fact, the ability to know when to take a decision and which decision to take is one of the master keys to success. You cannot make the right decision until you learn to:

. Shut your ears to people’s opinion

. Follow your heart

It is important that you understand that, a wrong reason cannot drive you to the right decision. If the reason you want to get rich is to show off and tell your neighbors you have arrive, it means that your love for money is questionable. King Edward III was able to reach that famous decision and turn his back on one of the world’s greatest throne because his love for Wallis Simpson was genuine. Hear is decision to abdicate, “I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as king as I would wish to do without the help and support of the woman I love.”

There is magic in decision; there is power in it. It can destroy you in a minute and it can compel all things to work in your favor. Not too long ago, I came across a rather young man of about twenty-five chatting up a very pretty lady. In fact, he was so busily engaged trying to talk her into his life that, he forgot there was a big hole in one of his shoes. The funniest part was that, the lady was so carried away that she didn’t notice it. His decision to win her heart turn him to an orator and Shut her eyes to the dark part of him! No wonder the great American author and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

People are easily burdened down by adversities on the path to success because they have not decided to succeed. When you decide from the bottom of your heart to make money, the power of that decision will call out great qualities to your aid. You will start to develop faith and possess other great qualities essential for success. If you think Thomas Edison failed ten thousand times, hear him. “I have not failed, I have just found 10.000 ways that won’t work.”

Edison did not view all the temporary defeats he encountered on his way to success as failures, because he made up his mind to succeed. The power of his decision helped him greatly to surmount all odds to change the way we live today. It is only when you have not decided to run a race that you will see the long legs of your co- contestant. Have you decided to make money? Remember, you can only answer yes, until you are:

1. Ready to do away with unhealthy habits

2. Start pursuing a dream you are passionate about

3. Ready to go the extra miles to get what you want

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