Category: SELF-DEVELOPMENT Published: Sunday, 28 October 2018 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon



4 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Power

For Success


 There is a creative force in us to cause change and create the kind of life we desire that is why men such as Nelson Mandela, attained legendary heights despite spending twenty-seven years behind the bar.

That is why the author of Harry Potter J.k. Rowling rose from anonymity to become the first writer in history to hit the billionaire dollar mark despite going through the kind of hardship you may not wish for your enemy.

Great minds of all ages agree there is a drop of greatness in everyone because of this obvious fact.

In fact, some leading religions are of the conviction that poverty is an abnormality because man is a being who has enough power to control the entire world and put the angels to his own service Read more..


The Change You Seek is Within


A famous actor and politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger once stated, “Failure is not an option, everyone has to succeed.” Friend, it is not a good thing that you are going all about with that old jalopy you called a car, what if it catches fire.

Not a good thing to chat up a pretty lady with a near rag suit, what if she sees the hole on it. Our beloved actor can’t be more right, failure is not an option. Something tells me Read more...


2 Things That Stop You From Getting



Every successful man and woman you see today programmed himself or herself for success. People only fail when they programmed themselves to fail. What a computer is programmed to do is what you see it doing. In fact, it cannot perform a task it was not programmed for. A mirror can only reflect whatever is set before it.

Your position in life is


Chinese thinker and philosopher Confucius was of the conviction that human beings can improve their lives through personal development and design the life they truly desire.

So many people went through life as failures because they didn’t invest in themselves.They didn’t improve themselves with content such as inspirational books, and audio tapes.

Musicians know that it is impossible to entertain a hungry man that is why most of them spend their time composing empowering songs that will inspire us to do things that can transform our lives. Read more...











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