Love Quotes That Will Open Up Your Eyes

Category: LOVE ADVICE Published: Monday, 05 November 2018 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon Print



Today, all we see is two love birds sitting on a wall, singing a beautiful song together and next minutes, singing a different song. The divorce rate is so alarming that one begins to wonder if the word “Marriage” would have a place in the dictionary in the nearest future.

A friend of mine asked me the other day, “Does true love still exist?” “Yes, love still exists and” “I mean true love,” he interrupted me. “There is only one love, and it is called true love, genuine love, real love and so forth. The one we practice today is lust [infatuation] not love.” I counseled.

Yes, we know how to define love so well; but applying the meaning in our marriage/relationship is the problem. We have successfully corrupted the word lust to love that is why we now misjudge love and accuse it of the immensurable that take over our heart after heartbreak. That is why we now believe there is a fake and real love.

Love is love; it is genuine and does not have a counterfeit. It is a principle and comes to those who believe in it. In fact, love has been defined as an intense feeling of deep affection or a strong feeling of affection and sexual attraction for someone.

Do you believe in love? If yes, to grow in your love life, meditate on the love quotes below, by a firebrand motivational speaker and author Efosa Emovon.


1. "Don’t change! Because when you start to change he too imitates. If you lost that smile, the next thing to lose is her."


2. "To be faithful is easy when you are in the aims of someone you love."


3. "Before you forgive, ask your heart if it can take it one more time. The bitter truth is he/she is going to cheat on you again."


4. "If your marriage or relationship prevents you from exercising your talents, don’t think twice before walking out of it. Remember, in the end, it is your work history records. That is what you will be remembered for."


5. "Love is a fire. It can warm your heart and can consume it. Don’t forget to carry this truth to the altar."


6. "There is a way you smile that drives him/her crazy. Bookmark it if you want your relationship to last long."


7. "Beware of two things if you want your relationship to last. Your best friend and partner’s friends."


8. "These days, people easily mistake lust for love. It seems true love is lost."


9. "Think about seven things you do to your partner, and write down five reasons why you think he/she should not cheat on you or even leave you."


10. "The moment of truth! That your boo you call a fool has a boo."


11. "Sometimes when madness comes; it makes some to dance to no song, makes some laugh till dawn and makes some so hurt to wrong love."


12. "There is a light in you, that person in your life saw that made him/her choose you. If it goes off or dims a little, understand that he/she will turn back or follow another."


13. "Do you know that love has a voice it uses to bring lovers to order? When you are about to take off your clothes to cheat, it is this voice you hear. In fact, it shouts at you.

Love makes it impossible for us to do ugly things behind our partner’s back. To have a long lasting relationship, be with some you love, and who loves you; and this voice shall guide your love."


14. "The love that prevents you from doing that which you find pleasurable, is worst than hate."


15. "Don’t choose the one everyone likes, choose the one you know that will make you happy."


16. "Nothing kick-start a war than the end of love."


17. "Madness is dating more than one woman, and expecting them to be faithful to you. Just as you decide to share your love among them, they will share theirs with you and someone you will never get to see."







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