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2 Questions You Must Ask Yourself if

You Want to Succeed in Your Love Life


After one of my seminars, I was in no mood to exchange pleasantries or talk with anyone I was so exhausted and needed some rest. As I mounted my car and about to trod on the starter, someone called me by my name.

I turned sharply and I saw behind two old couples, a rather middle age woman I would say about 41 years of age advancing towards me. I cannot put the worried expression on her face in much better language.

In fact, her countenance revealed to me she had a problem that needed an immediate solution. I wondered what was biting her. I didn’t like what I was seeing, so I had no choice but to compromise on my resolve. I promised myself to do the best I can to put back smile on that face. After all, it is what I am called upon to do.

As she walked up to me, I noticed she was very blonde. She was such a beauty her unkempt hair notwithstanding. “How can I help you,” I asked. She trained her piercing blue eyes on me and with a calm and emotional voice said,” read more...


8 Ways to Prevent Cheating in Your



According to a Wiseman, “You cannot stop birds from flying over your head but you sure can stop them from building a nest there. “ Huh, what a powerful phrase. It is true that you cannot stop your partner to go out to visit friends, to go to parties, to have bosses in the office, but you sure can stop him or her from doing something funny at your back.

Yes, you can stop that person in your life from cheating on you. Read more...


How to Know a Relationship is About

to Break Beyond Repair


Is your relationship at the verge of collapse? If yes, then before you seek for a solution there is something you must know and do. No matter how long you have been in that relationship, know it is time to Read More...


 Not long ago, a young man who invested all he had in a business venture went bankrupt and was faced with hardship. The thought of suicide dominated his mind when his wife of three years left him for a friend of his who just bought a supercar.

When some of his good neighbors found out he was contemplating placing a rope on his neck to end it all, they advised him to seek for help. In short, the day he came to my office for counseling, I saw a man who had lost all his reasons to live.

It was glaring there was nothing standing between him and the rope on the ceiling. I hate to see people in such a mood so I resolved to know what was biting him. Read more...








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