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 There has never been a better time to write a book. Just imagine, with a push of a bottom you can now publish your manuscript from the comfort of your bedroom and start earning money. There is no doubt, the internet has changed the way we perceive ourselves and live. Doing business and making money is never been made easier. Can you believe that a friend of mine who was fired from work last year just opened his new mansion! How? He robbed a bank right? Hell no, he did no such thing. He simply made all those money from books sales of course! In fact as I speak, innumerable people are resigning from their jobs to pick up a writing career because of the success stories pouring in from the publishing world. If you have not heard of the latest goldmine [KDP] then you must be living under a rock. Fortunately, there is no Adams will that exclude you from getting a share of this bounty. If you have never thought of writing a book, you should better start thinking of writing one today, because it is the easiest way of getting rich this days. However, it should be understood that writing a book is no tea party. It is for this purpose this article was written to help you get started. Or don’t you want to get a share of this bounty? This post will guild you through the whole process. In case you are planning to become a writer and start earning good money like most of my author friends, then this post is for you. This article which is the first in a series of three, is written to teach you how to write a good book from scratch within a month. The second article in this series, shed light on how to open a KDP account, format your manuscript for kindle and publish it in the biggest online bookstore in the world, Amazon. Series 3, open up your understanding on how to promote your books and start making good money from it. Want to write your first book right? Let begin. 1. Put your imagination to use A big congratulations to you. In fact, I have discovered that you can become a bestselling author, because you have the biggest tool in the world to achieve the feat. In case you are wondering what that is- your imagination of course. It is important that you understand that as an inspiring author, your greatest tool is your imagination. You can in fact, create empires with it in the world of your mind and make that empire visible. How you might ask. By simply describing it with your pen. The fact is that Writing is cheap if you are good at imagining things. To become an author, the first thing you must do is to put your imagination to use. It would be virtually impossible to write a book, when you don’t spend time think and to visualize things. Imagination generate ideas. It is one of the greatest instruments inventors use to invent things. That is why one of the greatest inventor of all time Thomas Edison said, “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” It is one of the greatest tools artist use to succeed that is why Michelangelo once wrote, ”I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” . The best way to put your imagination to use is to be alone and visualize things. 2. Squeeze out time to read at least one book per week The whole truth and nothing but the truth is that, to write one book you must read many books. If it is mystery novel you want to write, read ten bestselling mystery novels. And also try to read other genre of books as well before you start writing in order to add flavor to your work. This is one of the greatest secrets of writing a good book. It would be virtually impossible to become a writer when you are not a reader. The first thing you see when you visit an author, is books. This is because reading is the panacea to becoming a successful author. Constant reading will help you: a. Organize your manuscript. You don’t want to write introduction after your third chapter do you? b. Help you to make proper use of words. There is a way you must use words when writing a book else, your book content gets boring. No one likes to read a monotonous book or do you? 3. Make a vow to yourself Uncompleted books are laying under countless of beds today because, many people started writing without first making a vow to themselves. Do you know that looking at your reflection eyeball to eyeball in the mirror every morning, can straighten your stand on your resolve. Splashing cold water on your face and considering yourself a big failure each time you fail to do something about your goal, can bend all your thoughts to your writing goal. You must train yourself to keep to your vow if you want to become an author. Remember, you can never become an author until you sit down to write a book. 4. Give yourself a deadline This is very important. There is nothing that kills a dream faster than procrastination. In short, delay is one of man’s biggest enemy. If you don’t set a deadline for yourself, you end up writing one book forever. It should be understood that to make good money from book sales, you need a good number of books. Giving yourself a deadline will help to speed up things. 5. Put something on the line To make number four effective you must implement number five. If you really want to write a book you must put something on the line in order to meet up to your deadline. Example, promise yourself you are not going to do that which you love to do until you complete your book. This is one of the easiest ways to achieve any dream in life. One of my friends who is a bestselling author, told me that before he started writing his first book he promised himself he was only going to get near a clubhouse until he put down his last word. He said because he was missing out on the activities going on in the club, he had to work double hard to complete that book. This was really the cornerstone of hit for him. An Arabic proverb says, “Follow the tracks of the fortunate man and you will come to fortunate.” If you too employ this method it will help you greatly to complete your book. 6. Stay motivated There will be times when you will feel like deleting your manuscript from your computer or throwing it under the bed. If you want to complete your book, you must stay motivated. Motivation is one of the greatest secrets of achieving any dream in life. Research shows that 85% of rich people read two or more career related or self-improvement books per month and, in fact, it works greatly for them. Stay motivated with this. 7. Decide what the book is about It is impossible to write a book without the knowledge of what you want to write about. If you embark on a journey without a place in mind you will definitely get lost. To write a book, you must first think of what you want to write about. This makes your work easier, it gives you direction. 8. Title your book It is when you are through with number seven, you can implement number eight. By titling your book, you are telling people what it is about. In fact, you are advertising it. Example, if I want to learn how to climb a mountain and I come across a book whose title is, Ten Ways to Climb a Mountain, I don’t need to ask questions before purchasing it. Remember your book content must reflect your title. 9. Plan your book A dream and a plan are like husband and wife without one success cannot be born. Pick up a pen and paper and draft out how you intent to write and complete your book. Remember, you cannot be writing when you are supposed to be doing the job you are paid for. The author of Harry Potter J k Rowling, once made that mistake and she got fired. No matter how tasking your job is, try to set aside two to three hours each day to put down something. It is important to know the length and size you want your book to be, in order that you can set a daily word count goal. . Novel over 50.000 words . Novella 20.000 to 40.000 words . Novelette 7.500 to 18.000 words . Short story 7.000 to 15.ooo words If you can put down a thousand words each day, in a week that is seven thousand words. Twenty one thousand words in a month. It is perfectly okay for an eBook. In fact, you can start making good money right away from it. Many authors believe that eBook should not be too long, because people don’t spend all day reading online. 10. When you finish with a chapter, read and edit before moving to the next chapter By doing this you will not only get new ideas for your book but direction. This will also help to increase your word count in each chapter and facilitate the whole process. If you finish writing a book before editing it, you may be tempted to throw it under your bed or delete it from your system. 11. What to do when you run out of immediate ideas a. Drop your pen for a while and take a walk. b. Get yourself a glass of water, coffee or something c. Take about twenty to thirty minutes to read a book related to the one you are writing This process helps to generate fresh ideas. Don’t continue to write when you run out of ideas because you won’t believe you wrote that shit the next time you read through your manuscript. 12. From time to time allow a fresh eye on your manuscript Allow a fresh eye on your manuscript from time to time and seek for advice. Don’t take advice from someone who hardly disagree with you or hate to make you feel sad. Bear in mind that your mother cannot buy more than two copies of your book. After laboring so hard to write a book, I know you don’t want it to sell only two copies or do you? Write with this consciousness. It will help you make the right decisions about your book. Bees stings but without them we cannot get honey. The truth is bitter, but without it we cannot live a beautiful life, cannot impact our world and attain enviable feat. Sometimes go the extra mile to get the eye of a stranger on your manuscript. If there’re things you need to change without hesitation change them. You don’t want to show it to someone who cannot remember the last time he/she sat down to read a book. Or someone that rather die than read. Choose careful the people you show your manuscript to. 13. Get an editor to edit your work when you are through The moment you finish penning down the last word on your manuscript, the next thing to do is to look for a professional editor to edit your work. The job of an editor is to pick out the errors you did not see why writing your book. Remember, those errors are there and no matter how many times you edit your work, they will remain. Remember, to succeed in the publishing world or anything you set out to do, you must be willing to do that which successful people do. Click here to find out those things that will help you achieve success easier and faster than you thought possible. Hope this article was helpful.

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