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Do These 3 Things to Succeed Faster

in Business


Are you planning to start-up a business venture? If yes, congratulations! In fact, you are just about to step on a path that has led many to a life of abundance. But wait! Do you also know that many on this path have become more susceptible to poverty?

Yes, there are rules to follow if you wish to succeed beyond all measures in the business world. While I am writing this with the new and aspiring entrepreneur in mind, it’s totally applicable to all entrepreneurs. Read more..


Sam Walton Business Advice And Oath

Entrepreneurs Who Wants to Succeed

in Business Must Take


Sam Moore Walton was a leading American entrepreneur who used the $25.000 loan given to him by his father-in-law to build the biggest retail company in the world. In fact, his retail stores Wal-Mart stores Inc. is today, the world’s largest corporation by revenue as well as the biggest private employer in the world.

Sam Walton was so successful in business in his time that he was named the richest man in American by Forbes magazine in 1985. Even when American was mired in an economic downturn in 1991, Walton’s stores proved successful.

Any wonder he was honored by President H.W. Bush with Presidential Medal of Freedom a year before his death in 1991. Of course, there is a lot to learn from this great business mind that once walked on the face of the read more...


5 Steps to Selling Your Products And

Services Successfully


The aim of the entrepreneur is to first satisfy a need and then make money. That is why after a product development an entrepreneur focuses his or her attention on sales. No matter how good the products or services you render are, without an effective marketing plan, it would be virtually impossible for you to succeed in the business world.

About seventy percent of businesses fail, before the end of their second year of establishment and this had been attributed to poor marketing plan. All properly planned businesses start and end with marketing. As an entrepreneur, it is important that you know this truth and carry it wherever you go. However, it may be helpful to read more...


6 Secrets to Quickly Grow Your



As an entrepreneur or someone that is about to start-up a business venture you must before anything else understand that you have reached a decision that will make or mar you. Yes, why it is true that many are using this path to arrive at success, it is also true many have become more susceptible to poverty by following it.

It is obvious there is something those who fail on this path don’t know that those who succeed on it know and do, isn’t it? Read more...


3 Critical Questions Start-up

Entrepreneurs Must Ask Themselves


Before you start-up an enterprise or a venture it is important that you remind yourself the reason you want to become an entrepreneur because it is exceedingly improbable to be driven by a clear principle if you do something for the wrong reason.

And also, it is important to know the laws of business in order to know your boundary. It should be understood that in the business world it is forbidden to throw ashes in the face of a rising wind because it splashes back at your face faster than you thought possible.

What does this mean? It means that a little mistake you make in business can be so costly that you may not get a second chance to correct it. In order not to take the wrong step that has kicked many people out of the business world, you must Read more...





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