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Are you planning to start-up a business venture? If yes, congratulations! In fact, you are just about to step on a path that has led many to a life of abundance.

But wait! Do you also know that many on this path have become more susceptible to poverty? Yes, there are rules to follow if you wish to succeed beyond all measures in the business world.

While I am writing this with the new and aspiring entrepreneur in mind, it’s totally applicable to all entrepreneurs.

The fact is if you do the right thing it is impossible to fail in the business world. Below are the five things to do that can help your business grow within the shortest period of time.

1. Hold your customers in high esteem

According to a successful entrepreneur, “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.”

It is exceedingly improbable for a business to survive without customers. In fact, costumes are the lifeblood of an enterprise or venture. When customers reduce profit decreases it is automatic.

A leading American entrepreneur, Sam Walton, knew this that was why he said, “There is only one boss the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

To succeed in the business world you must strive at all time to put yourself in customers place. These people come to give you their hard earn money, it should not be difficult for you to understand that they deserve your attention and respect more than anything in the world.

Don’t ever make the mistake to think they need you more than you do because this is the biggest lie of the millennium. This lie can, in fact, destroy your business faster than a bullet kills.

It should be understood that people patronize you not because they will die if they don’t but because they like how you leave them feeling anytime they part with their hard earn money.


No matter how good your goods or services are, always bear in mind that without customers you are going to starve to death.

This consciousness or mental state cannot only prompt you to go the extra miles in satisfying their need but can also help you in making them feel good after having an experience with you.

2. Be open to criticism

It is difficult if not impossible to take your business to a higher level when your best customers are those who love you or always agree with you.

The truth is no matter how tasteless your mother’s meal taste, it must taste sweet in your mouth. The reason is that your love for her possesses the ability to garnish it with the kind of flavor that is out of this world.

What does this mean? This means that you should not use the reviews of your friends or relatives to judge your products or services because most of them buy only to encourage you.

Understand that in the business world your best friends and relatives are your worst enemies. Why? Because their love for you can, in fact, put you out of business faster than you thought possible.

To succeed in the business world you don’t need someone that always agrees with you, but someone who will be bold enough to give you three reasons why you should close your business and look for something else to do.

Your success in business is largely dependent on these kinds of people. In fact, in the business world, they are your true friends. It is virtually impossible to grow without them. Listen to them more because they deserve your attention more. I recommend this motto: No critic no profit. Remember, a product has

been defined as anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a need or want. The ability of your goods or services to satisfy your customers is even more important than the most expensive advertising campaign.

Therefore, it is very important to be responsive to the needs of your customers by continually improving operational efficiency, creativity, and product quality. This can easily be done by simply listening to your customers complains. Try this motto: No critic no profit.

3. Always wear a smile

An old Chinese proverb says, “A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.” It is important to understand that advertisement can in no small measure help you generate customers, but cannot help you keep them.

If you want to keep customers you must learn to smile often because a simple smile possesses the ability to help you do that.

Come to think of it, you need little or nothing to succeed in the business world because all that you require to start up an enterprise and take it to a higher level are free.

Yes, I say free! In case you don’t know, the biggest capital required to start up a business is not money but your mind. Well, this is a subject for another day. And one of the things needed to take it to a higher level is a smile.

If you desire to succeed as an entrepreneur, there is no alternative to doing the two things listed below: . Learning to light your face with a smile the moment you step into your business environment.

Learning to keep the smile till you close for the day It is also important you understand that customers don’t care to know whether your marriage or relationship is heading for the rock or not, they don’t care to know who insulted you on the way if they don’t see a smile on your face what you are saying to them is goodbye.

If you are losing customers before you blame your government policy or the devil you must first check your face. If a smile is missing from it, know you are the only one responsible for the recession your enterprise or venture is going through.


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