Do These 3 Things if You Want to Become a Leader

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According to English playwright William Shakespeare, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” What does this mean; this means that the fact that you are not born a king doesn’t mean you cannot own a kingdom.

Remember, some of the world’s greatest emperors and leaders in history never had the start in life most people had let alone being heir to a thrown. In fact, the founder of one of the greatest empire in human history Genghis Khan at a time killed his half-brother in a dispute over food.

This is to tell you how disadvantaged this man’s background was. Here is the truth: You don’t need to be born a king before you can rule a kingdom. Your father or mother doesn’t need to be a president before you can be prominent.

Most of the leading entrepreneurs you hear of today never inherited a single store from their father. This didn’t stop them from setting goals, motivating themselves and from nothing, building multi-billion-dollar business empires.

This is to tell you greatness is in the student not in the institution, in a person not in the family background. Understand that leadership is not a special treaty designed for one group of people. No matter how disadvantaged your background is if you lift up yourself you will stand.

If you push your way to the stage no one will deny you the mic. If you say the right word no one will look at the color of your eyes before clapping for you.

If you carve a path no matter the position your nose points at, you will be surprised how much people are willing to give just to follow you. Success is in your DNA! Yes, you are qualified to become a leader. Do the 3 things listed below if you wish to occupy a leadership position

1. Take your job seriously

What do you do for a living? Do you know the job you have at hand is your tools for building a kingdom? Yes, if you take it seriously, people will take you seriously.

This is the more reason why you must choose the job you find pleasurable because it is easier to give all of you to such a job. If you really want to become a leader, your first step is to take your job seriously.

If you take it serious people will take you seriously and follow you. The fact is anything you are doing in this life people watch you. The moment they see where it is leading you, they will take a queue.

You may think you are alone on a path but the day you turn back you will be surprised to see a sizable amount of people following you.

If you think you are the only one in your room just drop a cube of sugar on the floor and see the number of ants that live with you in that room.

It should be understood that the first step to becoming a leader is not to become a politician but to put your best into what you do.

Michael Jackson in his lifetime spent 6 hours every day rehearsing new dance steps and recording, little wonder he earned the title, “King of pop music” and won the heart of millions of people all over the world who were ready to fight, die and cheer for him at all time.

2. Learn to be selfless

Understand that leadership is all about service. So you must learn to sacrifice your time, energy, money, and even happiness if you want people to follow you.

When people start to see you as someone they can easily run to for advice, someone who can go to any length to ensure they get justice, someone who is accessible, they will start to follow you. Nelson Mandela’s father was not a king, so he was no heir to any thrown.

But he was able to create a mighty kingdom for himself in South Africa and become the people’s king simply by making himself available and accessible to everyone that needed his service.

The best time to win a person’s heart is not when all is well with him but during his or her trying times. It is the ability to restore smile back to the faces of a people who are wounded that makes one a leader.

In short, it is during the people’s darkest hour that they pick their leader. Great leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. Mahatma Gandhi and George Washington emerged as leaders during their people’s trying times.

If you are in a place where everyone is in the habit of shutting their doors, start to open yours wide for everyone to come in. you know what, I have just unveiled one of the greatest secrets to attracting people and becoming a leader to you.

If you are in a place where people are hungry, cultivate the habit of sharing your meal with them. Before long, they will start to see you as their leader.

In a place where they are no justice and everyone scared to death to open their mouth, if you stand up to speak out, you have made yourself a road. Of course, people will follow you.

3. Be confident

One sterling quality associated with leadership is confidence. Anyone who wishes to lead must acquire this quality because there is no alternative to it. In fact, it is exceedingly improbable to lead without this esteemed virtue.

Confidence is the ability to stand up to any situation and take it all like a man. To become a leader, you must be ready to speak the mind of your team, group or fellow countrymen and women at all time. It takes confidence to do that.

You must be ready to look in the face of your country leaders and tell them the people have had enough of their lie. It takes confidence to do that.

If you want to become a leader begin this moment to build confidence because it is impossible to attract people without this sterling quality.

In sum, if you start to do the three things I shed light on in this post, it is automatic, you start attracting people to yourself just as a cube of sugar on the floor attract, ants.

In fact, a time will come when the people will forget about your skin color or tribe and ask you in words or action to represent them. Yes, they will definitely ask you for this favor because they trust you.

This is how people such as Barack Obama became the president of the United States.


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