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How to Submit


Would you like to share your inspiring story or success advice with our esteemed readers? If yes, you are highly welcome. We accept only content that can improve the lives of our esteemed readers. If you can write such content consider yourself our new best friend.

What to Write About

We cover a wide range of topics such as

  . Success

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Please before you submit your article to us, read our guidelines below carefully.


1. Your content must be original and cannot have been published anywhere else, including your own blog

2. Submitting an article mean you have given us the sole right to your article

3. Make sure your post is between 700 to 1200 words

4. Ensure that the post is well-edited, readable and written in good English

5. You can add a short 3 line bio with two links to your website and product! You can also add your social media links as well.


 Submit your article to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  as an attached text document or through the body of your email. Name the subject, “Guest post.”



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