is a self-development site that was founded in November 2016 by Efosa Emovon a firebrand motivational speaker and self-help guru who has empowered many people through his tapes, training programs, and life-transforming books.

Our Mission is dedicated to improving lives, restoring hopes, and helping ambitious people come to self-realization. We are of the deep conviction that everyone has what it takes to live a kingly life. And we believe with the right counsel and guidance, you too can live beautifully like a king and attain the height envisaged.

However, our primary focus is to launch you on the path to sustainable prosperity and guide you as you step forward to fulfill your destiny. As Confucius wrote, “The more you know the more luck you will have.”

We have great content that can put you through a transformation process and help you live the better version of you faster than you thought possible.

Every content and material that you will come across in this site is tailored to transport you to greater height. Our motto is simple: Your success is our smile. Because your success is our smile, we choose to cover a wide range of topics to ensure you succeed in every area of life.

Most articles fall into a core categories:

1. Success

2. Self-development

3. Entrepreneurship

4. Health

5. Love

6. Leadership

7. Life


9. Inspiring Story

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