8 Ways to Prevent Cheating in Your Marriage/relationship

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According to a Wiseman, “You cannot stop birds from flying over your head but you sure can stop them from building a nest there. “ Huh, what a powerful sentence.

It is true that you cannot stop your partner to go out to visit friends, to go to parties, to have bosses in the office, but you sure can stop him or her from doing something funny at your back.

Yes, you can stop that person in your life from cheating on you. You must understand that no one enters into a relationship with the aim of cheating. There are reasons people do it and the reasons they don’t.

If you can understand this simple A B C, you are on your way to building a long-lasting marriage/relationship. Remember, you can only stop water from flowing when you first uncover its source.

There are principles nature applies, that keep the moon, sun, and stars on a steady course. That is why day and night does not skip their turn. If you want your partner to be completely yours, to know what causes infidelity in a marriage or cheating in a relationship is no longer an option but a must.

There are instructions to follow, principles to apply to stop that person in your life from making such mistakes. Below are the 8 things you must know and do to have a cheat free marriage/relationship.

1. Don’t create room for suspicion

This mistake is very costly in a relationship. In fact, there is no better way to expose your marriage/relationship to danger than to do this. Remember, nobody likes to be called a fool, even a fool hate like death to be called this deregulatory word.

If you want your partner to be all yours, it should not be too difficult for you to understand that you are creating room for suspicion anytime you make a distance phone call, hide your phone, keep questionable company, tell lies, go to questionable place and come home at odd hours. By so doing, you are sending the wrong signal.

In fact, you are indirectly telling your partner that you are doing something behind his or her back. Since no one wants to be called a fool, he/she will go to any length to prove that you are not correct.

This is one of the reasons many people cheat and why some secretly date their partner’s best friend.

They do it simply to make a statement If you want your partner to be faithful and honest to you, try not to act like you are hiding something.

The fact is if your actions reveal you are hiding something, he or she too will look for something to hide in order not to be called a fool.

2. Appreciate your partner

I want to let you understand that a relationship is a place where everything you do speaks, where every of your action says something.

If you are the type that hardly says something nice to your partner, you are saying in a clear tune that he or she is not good enough for you.

American renowned writer and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “What you do speaks so loudly that I can’t hear what you are saying.”

since a lie repeatedly told over a period of time start sounding like the truth before long, she will start looking for someone who will consider her good enough.

Someone who will see what you fail to see in her. Someone who will tell her she is pretty her weight notwithstanding, he is handsome his protruded stomach notwithstanding.

The day he/she comes across that person, nothing in the whole of the universe not even your money, can stop that man or woman in your life from doing it.

If your partner wears a new shoe or put on new clothes, be the first to compliment her. Tell her how wonderful she looks on it, how awesome he looks on it.

Don’t let other people do this before you. In fact, telling her she smiles like Taylor swift, he walks like Tom Cruise once a while won’t cost you anything. You don’t pay to do this.

If you want your partner not to do something funny behind your back, you must give him or her reasons not to. In fact, you must prove it over and over again that you deserve his or her love.

Once in a while let your partner know how grateful you are to have someone as wonderful as him in your life, someone as awesome as her in your life.

Emphasize more on his or her good quality. By so doing you are telling your partner that you are the right person for him. In fact, you are proving you deserve her love.

So long as you are not dating a madman or woman, he or she will definitely reciprocate the gesture by treating you with great respect.

3. Once in a while create a distance

Please don’t overdo number three because it can have a negative effect. Yes, sometimes don’t send those lovely texts message you send while at work. When he or she calls you on the phone don’t pick it, act like the last thing on your mind is him or her.

Let him miss your voice; Let her miss your sweet words.

This is one of the greatest secrets to stirring up your partner’s love for you. It will be difficult if not impossible for your partner to cheat on you when you are smart enough to make him or she realizes once a while how much you mean in his or her world.

Remember, boring someone with your presence has a negative effect. Try to do this once in every three months.

4. Don’t let your quarrels drag on for too long

If you want that person in your life to be all yours, you must learn to say, “Honey, I am sorry,” when you are wrong . Find a polite way to make him realize he owns you an apology when he is wrong, she owes you an apology when she is wrong. This is the panacea for building a long-lasting relationship.

There is nothing wrong in getting mad at your partner when he or she makes a mistake. What everything is wrong with is forgetting he/she is a human being with emotions and feelings and not a piece of furniture in that madness.

By dragging your quarrels to weeks and months you are pushing your partner to the arms of another person.

Don’t let it drag on for too because you may not meet the same person you left. Also, try to avoid frequent quarrels because this is a sign that a relationship is unhealthy and heading for the rocks.

If your partner notices that the relationship is close to hitting the rocks, he or she will start to prepare in order to have a safe landing when it eventually crashes.

5. Deal with the feeling of insecurity

Feeling insecure can sabotage a relationship within the shortest time. It can install the feeling of inadequacy and jealousy on your mind faster than you thought possible.

These feelings will make you question every step your partner takes, make you read meaning to everything he or she says or does. In fact, you will find yourself infringing on your partner’s freedom by monitoring his/her movement and wrongly accusing him/her.

Remember, when someone accuses you of doing something you are not doing, he is inciting you to do it. Many people start cheating on their partner because they got tired of denying what they know nothing about.

If you want to have your partner all to yourself, you must deal with the feeling of insecurity, because it can make you do things that will incite your partner to cheat on you.

One of the best ways to deal with insecurity is to forgive those who betrayed your love in the past. If you forgive you can stop using their mistakes to judge others.

6. Understand that communication is key

Never make the mistake to use what your partner told you to judge, mock or insult him or her. If you do that, you have just cut down the communication wire between you and him.

The truth is she has so many things to tell you. In fact, she would like to tell you how a guy told her on the way she got the best pair of legs, who her boss said she looks like.

Believe me; he can’t wait to get home to tell you how your best friend called him on the phone to say hi. Remember, your love and constant advice is one thing that will keep him/her from going astray.

The whole truth is when the communication between you and your partner is poor infidelity and cheating is inevitable.

7. Make your presence felt

Cuddling and kissing her passionately before leaving for work is one secret that will glue her heart to you. Reminding her how much you love her is the assurance she needs to keep riding with you, the assurance he needs to stick with you.

8. Give your morals work to do

While in bed Make passionate love to your partner and don’t be afraid to experiment with new tactics on the bed.

There is no better way to push your partner into the arms of another person by being strict on the bed. Remember, your matrimonial bed is not a place to preach or install discipline.


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