5 Simple Secrets to Choosing The Right Friends and Preventing Depression

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Before you answer “Yes,” it is important you understand that one of the reasons your so-called friend is not wishing you die tonight in your sleep, is because you have not bought a new car.

The prominent reason he/she is not praying for your marriage or relationship to hit the rocks is that you didn’t marry a beautiful wife or a rich husband. Your secret is not the latest gist in town because you have not made the mistake of telling it to him.

I don’t know what happiness means to you, but if it means the same thing to both of us then by now you should know you have no friend. How many times do great minds have to remind us that, there is a thin line between friends and snake?

If you ask me to choose between a friend and a snake I may choose a snake. Why you might ask. Simply because, a snake can only do harm to your body, but a friend can sting you in the most delicate part which is your soul.

No wonder a Wiseman prayed years ago: “Lord protects me from my friends I can take care of my enemies.”

If you have tasted the tea of betrayal, without hesitation you will concur with me that it can kill faster than a poison. Time requires little or nothing to heal the wound in our body but requires forgiveness and a hero’s spirit to heal the wound in our soul.

Therefore, if your spirit cannot handle an ugly monster like betrayal, don’t make friends! If you find it difficult to forgive, go make your mama your best friend. I know you don’t want to end up a depress man or woman or do you?

If happiness really mean much in your world then the three things listed below shouldn’t be too difficult for you to understand.

.That you undermine your ability to live a happy life anytime you forget to consult your dictionary to look at what the word friendship really means before grinning at anyone who smiles at you.

.That in every ten person’s you call friends, five are your enemies, three, worst enemies, one neither here nor there and the last a friend? Remember, even the one that is said to be your friend is still a suspect because he can change at any time, so you must be vigilant!

.That you are creating sadness every time you open your mouth wide to pure out your secrets to anyone who smiles at you. Wish there is a machine used to dissect human smile, believe me, you won’t be talking to anyone.

If you think the worst sadness can do to a person is to take away happiness from him or her, then hear this. According to the World Health Organization [WHO], depression [acute sadness] is now a leading cause of disability worldwide affecting more than 300 million people.

And you think it can’t kill right! Listen to what the World health body said about depression. “When long-lasting and with moderate or severe intensity depression may become a serious health condition leading, at its worst, to suicide.”

According to the report, 800,000 people kill themselves annually. Do you know that one of the things which can trigger depression is a betrayal? Don’t think you are too good and stop to watch your back because we live in a world where good things don’t last.

Don’t think you are too smart because humans are greener than the snake under the green grass. If you want to live a happy life, you must understand that there is no alternative to happiness and it is not negotiable. In fact, guiding it should be your top priority.

The fact is if you cannot pick up your dictionary and search for the meaning of the word friendship before opening your door, then you are taking happiness for granted.

You have no idea the length people can go to hurt you do you? The fact that you are a professor at the university doesn’t mean you understand what friendship truly means. The fact that you a leader doesn’t mean you know what it truly means.

One of the greatest military commanders of all time and a consul of Rome Gaius Julius Caesar, paid with his dear life simply because he forgot to consult his dictionary to see what the word friendship truly means before calling Marcus Brutus a friend.

Even though Senator Brutus demonstrated on many occasions he was his worst enemy, he kept getting closer to him and calling him a friend. What friend gang’s up against you?

What friend eats and drink with you one minute then next minute badmouthing you at your back. What friend grieves at your joy! Dear esteemed reader, are you sure you really have a friend?

Remember, a friend is someone to talk to in good time and run to in a bad time. In other words, someone you can share your pains, tears, and joy with.

A friend is someone that will see you falling down instead of ridiculing you, make haste to pull you back. Of course, as humans, we are bound to make mistake. Even when a friend makes a mistake he is quick to admit it and apologize.

This is what friendship means. When you have a friend like this you excel in life. If happiness means the same thing to both of us, then you should be able to tell who is your friend and who is not.

If happiness means so much to you, then to do the things listed below is no more an option but a must.

1. Don’t make friends you are far richer or better than

If you make such friends, they read meaning to anything you do. Talk in a low tone, they think you are laughing at them. Walk slowly; they think you are raising shoulders. In fact, anything you do will appear to them as oppression.

Believe me, if they can’t reach your position they will stop at nothing to bring you down to theirs. These kinds of friends are very dangerous because no matter how smart you are, you can hardly see their true color.

In fact, they will employ every tactic to hide it, because of what they are getting from you. If a snake is deadly, they are deadlier. If happiness means so much to you don’t make friends you are far richer and better than in life.

Here is the truth; the conviction that birds of the same feather and heights flocks better together is one consciousness that more than anything else, prompts many to conspire to reduce their friends to their size.

2. keep fewer friends

There is no better way to generate enemies than keeping too many friends. People who keep too many friends are most likely to get depressed because betrayal and backstabbing are inevitable.

3. Keep your secrets to yourself

As I mentioned earlier, if there is a machine to dissect human smile you won’t be talking with no one. Do you think your friends are happy anytime you park your supercar beside their old jalopy?

Do you think they are happy to see you and your spouse or lover chasing each other about in a playful mood, while their relationship is on the brink of collapse? Remember, your secret is their weapon; they can use it to destroy or depress you.

You must learn to keep it to yourself if you wish to live happily.

. 4. Observe your friends

In order to clearly see the true color of your friends, you must learn to make practical use of the corner of your eye. Here is the truth; the human eyes can indeed help us to do many great things, but concealing envy is definitely not one of them.

Next time you celebrate success, if you can look long enough you will see it clean and clear, you will see Mr envy right there in his eyes. Bear in mind that anyone who grieves at your joy does not wish you well. Break that friendship before it breaks you.

Remember, Mr or Mrs Johnson cannot enter your house if you don’t open the door for him. No one can make your life miserable if you don’t permit it. 5. Talk When Necessary Learn to talk when necessary and not because you feel like talking.

There is no better way to turn a friend into an enemy than to talk because you feel like talking. It is better to keep quiet if you have nothing to say than open your mouth because others are talking.

Do you know that most of the things that come out of your mouth anytime you open your mouth because you must say something are rubbish? Always remember, you cannot take back your word.

It is difficult if not impossible to live a happy life when you surround yourself with people who have something in mind against you.








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