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3 Easy Steps To Becoming A Millionaire

Category: Success Published: Tuesday, 07 August 2018 Written by Afrimazon

Forbes rated Columbia drug lord, Pablo Escobar, as one of the richest men in the world in his lifetime. In fact, the Medellin cartel boss was so rich that while in hiding, he burned down more than two million dollars currency in order to warm his daughter, Manuela, from cold. He was so powerful that even while sentenced to jail, the Columbia government told him to build his own prison. Can you imagine that! The prison he built for himself, known as La Cathedral, boasted of a Jacuzzi, a rotating bed, a dull house for his children, a nightclub, a football court and everything you could think of.

During his time as the Medellin cartel boss, he was earning so much money that he was unable to launder it all. It ended up being stored in warehouses, farms and houses where billions were said to be lost. This was what his brother and accountant Robert Escobar wrote in his book. “Pablo was earning so much that each year we would write off ten percent of the money because the rats would eat it in storage or it would be damaged by water or lost.” However, in spite of his great fortune, he was gunned down and killed in his prime and his property confiscated by the Columbia government. Do you call that success?

His son Juan in his interview said that despite all the money that they had, there were times he and his father would almost starve to death from where they were hiding. He said, ”Drug trafficking destroyed my family. It gave us the world and then it took it away.”This was what he said about his father. “He showed us the path we must never take as a society because it’s the path to self-destruction.” Perhaps, a great mind was right when he said, “Don’t call any man fortunate until you have seen his end.”

There are two paths to riches, the legal and illegal paths. As you step foot on the later, you must have it at the back of your mind that you have not only traded your peace of mind but also start to dig your own grave. This way seems right but ends in destruction. To go through it, you don’t need to set goals, all you need is to become a criminal. Obviously, we are living in a world where a dubious person, a corrupt official and even an armed robber is consider to be successful as long as he has money. However, the truth is a wealth that robs the mind of peace cannot be defined as success.

Success is to get to your goal in life and sleep with your two eyes closed. Success should make one happy and not scared. If you are rich and cannot close your two eyes to sleep at night, you are not a successful person. Coach Wooden, made use to understand that, Success is a peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming. This explains explicitly what the inventor of the basketball Dr. James Naismith meant when he said, “I am sure that no man can derive more pleasure from money or power than I do from seeing a per of basketballs goals in some out of the way places.”

There is no such word as genuine success, success is success and does not have a counterfeit. Therefore, if you are thinking of making it through the back door I am sorry to disappoint you, you have to look elsewhere, because this article is for those who want to accomplish success. Anyway, I know you don’t want to become a criminal. Nevertheless, if you are thinking of becoming one because you feel it is an easy way out of poverty, I am glad to inform you that you no longer need to toy that repulsive path because this site is here to help you get whatever you want.

You don’t need a gun to become a millionaire, what you need is:

1. A goal

To be rich and successful, what you need is a goal not a gun, a plan not a gang! All that you ever need in life you can get by simply setting up a goal and pursuing it. Setting a worthwhile goal and moving into action is a quick way of making money. It is a get- rich- quick secret. I don’t know why no one is unveiling this obvious fact to kids. Remember, no criminal in history became a billionaire at age 23. At 23, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was already a billionaire. At 20, the youngest of the Kardashin sisters Kylie Jenner is already worth nine hundred million dollars [$900m].

If you set up a goal and do the following things listed below, you will become a millionaire faster than you can ever imagine.

. Draft out a plan on how you intend to achieve it.

. Find out what the goal requires and give it

. Set a deadline and go the extra mile to meet up to it.

. Put something on the line, in order not to retreat or surrender

. Stimulate your spirit

Note: You can get rich using a gun but can never achieve success with it. An individual who cannot sleep with his two eyes close at night can’t be said to be successful even if he has all the money in the world. Pablo Escobar is a perfect example. He had so much money that his problem was how to spend it but was not truly living! From his eldest son confession, you will know the kind of bondage this man was in despite all his billions and billions.

2. Create a plan

A plan and a dream are like husband and wife without one success cannot be born. After setting a goal, the next thing to do is to create a plan in which to attain that goal.

3. Attain the hero’s spirit

Only heroes triumph in battle, only heroes achieve success in life. You can never attain enviable height if you are not a hero in your inside. There are many things success requires to manifest that you can never give or do if your spirit is at its natural state. Just as the power of a leopard resides in its claws, the power to effect a change in your finances and every area in which you desire a change resides in your innermost self. This subliminal power is the dynamic ability in man to cause change. It is called the active force or sublime magnetic force.

If you don’t stimulate your spirit you cannot incite it to action. Negative attribute such as self-distrust and fear will gain dominion and mastery over you. Remember, self-distrust is the number one cause of failure. Wealth is not within your reach not because you are not cut out for great things but simply because you have not stimulated your spirit to the state whereby, it can afire you to act upon the thoughts of riches.

How Do I Stimulate My Spirit?

To stimulate your spirit to the hero’s state, you need to acquire and master the intangible forces essential for change called the esteemed virtues. To learn how to stimulate the spirit and acquire the capacity to cause change, Click here to get this personal-development audiobook.

I Did Only These 3 Things To Get To The Top

Category: Success Published: Monday, 06 August 2018 Written by Afrimazon

The birds flutter freely and fearlessly in the sky because they are entitled to it and do not need permission from anybody. Do you know that your right to good health, fat bank account, healthy marriage /relationship is not negotiable? Understand that you don’t pay a penny for the average of five million times you breathes in a year because life is your right! And you don’t pay a dime either for the ability to think, dream, imagine, desire and apply your brainpower because wealth is your right. Little wonder a great mind said, “If you are not grateful, you are a great fool.”

Helen Keller was deaf and blind yet she was grateful and spoke of the joy that life gave her. She was thankful for the faculties and abilities that she possessed, and stated that the most productive pleasure she had were curiosity and imagination. She made a difference and left behind a footprint on the sand of time, because she recognized what she had and made perfect use of it during her sojourn on earth. A Wiseman counselled: “No matter how good or bad you have it, wake up each day thankful for your life. Someone somewhere else is desperately fighting for his.”

Whether you are weak or strong, rich or poor, you must declare yourself a champion! Because you survive each second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year, despite all that the world goes through. If no one celebrates you, you must celebrate yourself. A lizard jumped from a rooftop, and when it landed on the ground saw no one to applaud it. Instead, to bother over that, it applauded itself by nodding its head. Because you are a champion, you must extend your limits and make things happen. You must de-envelop that enveloped in you and develop your world.

I can hear you say, “Mr Man save your preaching I have heard all that before it did not put a dollar in my pocket”. Yes, Sometimes, we can’t help but ask that preacher man who never ceased to remind us that we are destined for greatness; “Sir, If really what you are sayings is true, how come am still where I was yesterday?” I know how you feel to wake up with hope everyday but end up disappointed. I know how it feels like to be overrun by those who just yesterday, were behind us. I understand how hurting it is. In fact, I was once in such a situation but was able to turn things around for good because I start to do the following things:

1. I Learn To Be Grateful

This really was the corner stone of hit for me. Gratitude is a foundation for the development of such virtues as contentment, happiness and love. In case you don’t know, love is an esteemed virtues needed to succeed in life. If you are grateful for the air you breathe and the life you live, you will love yourself. Only when you are truly in love with yourself that you can see the good in you. That is why the founder of Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama also known as Buddha "The awakened one." said, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

Being grateful, keeps us away from the blame game. Because this game is fatal to success. It is difficult to think, dream and see open doors, when we moaning, groaning and apportioning blames. Despite Helen Keller’s disabilities, she was grateful to be alive. This consciousness more than anything else, opens up her understanding to the good in her. It is difficult if not impossible-for you to get what you want if you don’t value what you have. Only an individual with a grateful heart excel in business. If you don’t learn to be grateful in little, your employee will never put in their best. Joel Osteen said, “Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is getting to determine how you are going to live your life.”

2. I Start To Take Responsibility For My Actions

I woke up one night to ask myself this question “When will I stop existing and start living?” As I pondered over it, I realized for the first time that my life was an airplane and I was the pilot. I realized I could pilot it to poverty, riches or clash land it! I realized that night that the reason I wasn’t standing was not that there were superglue on my chair, but simply because my pull was not in alignment with the vibration of standing. I uncovered how valuable time is and decided to make judicious use of it rather than waste it on feeling sorry for myself or criticizing a government that don’t even know I exist. This consciousness changed my life.

In the words of the 26th United States president, Theodore Roosevelt: “If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.” Life is 10 percent of what happens to you and 90 percent of how you react.

3. I Start To Address Myself With A Big Title

Surprisingly, not long after I start to refer to myself as champ, I see me acting like one and becoming one. That you are not rich is because you are not calling yourself a rich person in words and deeds. You must expect great things of yourself, before you can do them. What you call yourself is what you are. That is just the way it is. The universe responds to what you think and feel according to the law of attraction. It is your failure to recognize this fundamental principle that set a limit on you.

Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali said, “To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you are not pretend you are.” The three things listed above helped me in no small measure to climb to where I am today. The grim truth is that you succeed faster when you are basically driven by a clear principle. Principles make success predictable. Make success inevitable. I specially recommend this self-improvement audiobook [The Requirement For Riches] for you. Get it to build a mind of success. It works!

In all sincerity, I say unto you. If you start to do the things listed above, they will work out for your common good. I don’t care to know how many times you have tried and failed, it doesn’t matter how many times life has hit you with disappointments, I don’t care to know what those self-help books you have read did or failed to do for you. I assure you that if you apply enthusiastically the knowledge this article conveys, you will begin to function at the level of super abundance. You will begin to accumulate riches in such a way that will arouse the curiosity of everyone who knows you. I can’t be more certain of this.

Thanks for giving me your time. I wish you a resounding success in your pursuits.

The 7 Things To Know And Do To Get Rich

Category: Success Published: Monday, 06 August 2018 Written by Afrimazon

There are things you must know before you can win a Lady’s heart; things you must know before you can set up a business; things you must know before you can accomplish success. That is why a respected man of science, Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is power.” Listed below are some of the facts you must stay conscious of and things you must do, before fortune smiles at you.

1. Don’t expect to be rich when you don’t know that opportunities are hidden behind every rock, leaves, and everything around you. Why do you think a verse in the most widely circulated and translated book in all history the Holy bible, says, “Ask the very beast, and they will teach you, ask the birds they will tell you, crawling creatures will instruct you, fish in the sea will inform you?” Opportunity is so cheap that even a problem has it. Everywhere you turn, there are opportunities. In fact, they are not in short supply.You walk passing them every day on the street because you view “Opportunity” as something rare and big.

The belief that one only come across such things by luck or God’s grace stands between you and success. If you really want to experience unprecedented growth and success within the shortest time, you must do something about your perception. It is setting a limit on you. Remember, your outlook towards life is how your life looks. Personal-development is what you need to change your perception and build the mind of success. I specially recommend [3 Steps To Financial Freedom] this audiobook for you. Get it and you will see a huge difference in your finances and every area in which you desire a change.

2. Drop the idea of getting rich when you don’t know that sometimes when we fall down, we fall because there is something down there we are supposed to find to help us grow up. Don’t you know the time you spent sobbing, grieving, complaining, apportioning blame and licking your wounds, is enough to learn a crucial lesson from your defeat and grow beyond measure? The most influential basketball player in the history of basketball, Michael Jordan opened up the eyes of our understanding to his success secret when he said, “I have missed over 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions, I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I have missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

3. Understand that you are not ready to accomplish success when you learn nothing from people’s mistakes. It may interest you to know that one of the easiest way of getting rich, is to find out the mistakes unsuccessful people had made, and try hard each day to avoid such mistakes. In fact, this is one great secrets of success.

4. To get rich, you must recognize the fact that it is only when money is deposited in our mind account that it reflects in our bank account. Poverty requires little or no consciousness but riches do. It is the law of attraction that you must see yourself in possession of that which you seek before you can have it. If you don’t see yourself in super cars, fancy restaurants and palatable mansions every night in your dream, you can never get rich. That is why one of the richest men of all time Andrew Carnegie counselled, "Be king in your dreams." If you want to get rich be money conscious.

5. You must understand that success is determined not by what you do, but rather the spirit you use to do it. All who succeed in life stay conscious of this truth! Understand that you must not set up an online store like Amazon, or a media social site like Facebook, before you can become rich like Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg. If you really want to be in their position, all you simply have to do is use the kind of spirit they use to do business.

6. You must know the full meaning of success Before success comes your way, it demands that you know its full meaning. The reason is that if you understand what success truly means, no matter how dire and insurmountable the situation may be, you will neither tumble nor break. Why? Simply because you will know that, the flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful. You will learn to be resilient like a rubber, always bouncing back when stretched.

7. Wealth has not come your way for one obvious fact-you think you want money but you don’t. If you really want money in great abundance, your love for it must be reveal by the way you talk, walk and conduct yourself. If your desire for money cannot induce you to act upon the thoughts of riches, then you don’t love it beyond hoping and wishing. Do you really want to get rich? If “yes” then what are you waiting for? Go for it.

Take action by meditating on this list and acting on it. Remember, that the quicker you do this, the easier it will be for you to succeed.


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